CAMP Work: Rope Access Operations

CAMP Work: Rope Access Operations

Rope Access: Operations

Duration 2 days, 1 day exam (3 days total) from 08.30-17.00 hrs.
Training fee of 10,593.00 baht per person (excluding VAT) (7-10 people per group)
This price is for training at Outdoor Solution Training Center only.

The price includes:

  1. Trainer team and assessor
  2. Morning break, lunch, and afternoon tea
  3. Equipment used in the entire training course
  4. Training documentation
  5. Training certificates released from CAMP Safety and ID card, valid for 3 years.

**In case of off-site training, additional expenses such as accommodation, transportation, food, etc. will be charged**

Content and details of the course

  1. Ascending
  2. Descending
  3. Changeover
  4. Passing Knot
  5. Passing mid-rope protection
  6. Anchor & Knot
  7. Re-Anchor

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