TRIAD 3LOCK – Carabiner

Semi-circular aluminum alloy carabiner with a 16 kN breaking load in all directions.
It has an exceptional strength of 25 kN when loaded on three points so it is perfect for the connection of fall-arrest devices to the “A/2” double sternal attachment points of some full body harnesses.
Keylock closure prevents snagging during use.
Automatic lock requires three actions to open: slide, twist and pull.

New Ref. Product name Weight Major axis Minor axis Open lever Open lever width Carabiner length Carabiner width Material CE Logo
g oz kN kN kN mm mm mm EN 12275 EN 362
New 3142 TRIAD 3LOCK 88 3.1 20 16 8 16 103 73 Aluminum alloy B M

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