QUASAR 9.9 mm – Dynamic Rope

  • High-quality and affordable single rope
  • Uniform Thread treatment with Dry treatment on the sheath

A high-quality and affordable single rope for rock climbing and alpinism. 9.9 mm diameter delivers great strength and durability without being bulky and cumbersome. Uniform Thread treatment ensures good flexibility and handling over the life of the rope. Dry treatment on the sheath protects against grit and grime that can damage the rope with intensive use.

Ref. Product name Length Weight Type Impact force kN UIAA falls N° Dynamic elongation (%) Static elongation (%) Sheath slippage Dry Material CE Logo UIAA Logo
g/m oz Single Single Single Single Single mm EN 892 101
2236 QUASAR 9.9 mm 200 m 66 2.3 8,7 7 31,9 6,3 5 Polyamide 6
60 m
70 m
80 m

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