SWING – Adjustable rope lanyard

• Adjustable positioning lanyard for attaching to anchors
• Ergonomic adjuster for quick and easy adjustment
• Unique design allows adjustment even under load
• 9.7 mm dynamic rope lanyard
• Adjustable from 20-100 cm
• Large connection hole accommodates all sizes of locking carabiners
• Attaches to the tie-in point of the harness with a girth hitch

Adjustable lanyard for quick, easy and safe positioning at anchors. The lanyard remains girth hitched to the tie-in point of the harness and attaches to the anchor using a standard locking carabiner. Once connected, simply pull on the free end of the lanyard to tension into the anchor or hold the device open with the thumb lever to release tension. 9.7 mm dynamic rope. Adjustable from 20-100 cm.

New Ref. Product name Weight Rope diameter CE Logo UIAA Logo
g oz mm 109
New 264901 SWING 100 cm 145 5.1 9.9

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