RETEXO REWIND – Elastic lanyard

Retexo Rewind lanyards are a cost-effective combination of the premium Retexo shock absorber and compact rewind lanyards.
Robust elastic webbing lanyards have a high elongation ratio (1:2.3).
Certified for horizontal use over sharp edges (r>= 0.5 mm).
The Retexo is a next generation energy absorber designed to be particularly light and compact.

Energy absorption is optimized to limit extension in the event of a fall as much as possible while still achieving a low fall arrest force.
With lanyards with a total length up to 200 cm, the Retexo is certified for workers with a maximum total weight up to 130 kg.
Ideal in situations with limited clearance (<4 m) when used with lanyards with a total length up to 150 cm.
Robust case with zip closure for easy inspection of the fall indicator and the identification label. Case is removable and washable.


New Ref. Product name Weight Strength Working load Max Elastic webbing CE Logo Spigolo vivo longe
g oz kN kg EN 355 CNB/P/11.074
New 7050101 RETEXO REWIND SINGLE + 0981 + 2017 115-175 cm 980 34.6 22 130
New 7050201 RETEXO REWIND DOUBLE + 0981 + 2×2017 115-175 cm 1500 52.9 22 130
New 7050202 RETEXO REWIND DOUBLE + 0981 + 2×0984 95-135 cm 1450 51.2 22 130
New 7050203 RETEXO REWIND DOUBLE + 1176 + 2×0995 110-170 cm 750 26.5 22 130

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