Pirata – Descenders

Descender designed for rope access and work positioning.
New design significantly reduces friction during ascent.
The cam system perfectly aligns the rope in a single plane, limiting twisting during long descents.
Simplicity of construction facilitates pre and post use checks and simplifies periodic inspection.
The stainless steel cams have a long life, even with the most intense use.
The new articulated lever allows release to be driven by the user’s body weight, thus reducing the required force necessary when compared to a traditional brake lever.

Suitable for skilled and experienced users.

High quality product, made in Italy!

Articolo Certification Material Colour Main dimension (mm) Minimum rope diameter (mm) Maximum rope diameter (mm)
801060400KK CE EN 12841/C Alu alloy 420 Orange/Black 174 10 12
80106N400KK CE EN 12841/C Alu alloy 420 Black 174 10 12

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