KEEP – Chalk Bag

• High capacity chalk pot specifically designed for bouldering
• Large opening makes it easy to chalk both hands at the same time
• Secure and tight closure prevents leaking during transport
• Functional handles for easy carrying
• Compact design carries well inside a crash pad
• TPU fabric is easy to clean, strong and durable
• Rigid flat bottom prevents tipping
• 2 zippered elastic outer pockets for valuables and accessories
• 5 elastic brush keeper loops

Ref. Product name Weight
g oz
1008 KEEP 303 10.7

A high capacity and functional chalk pot with the same red and orange colors as the Domino and MiniDo’ crash pads. The opening is large enough to easily fit both hands at once and the rigid flat bottom helps the pot remain upright to prevent spilling. The TPU exterior fabric is perfectly optimized for a technical chalk pot: it is water resistant, strong, durable, easy to clean and rigid enough to keep its form even after repeated packing and unpacking. The closure is tight and secure to prevent leaking during transport and large handles make it easy to carry around the gym or crag. Two zippered elastic outer pockets hold valuables and accessories and climbers have the ability to carry 5 brushes on exterior elastic loops.

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