HMS BELAY LOCK – Carabiner

Aluminum alloy carabiner equipped with a proprietary internal lever that creates an inner ring that acts as a keeper for lanyards or energy absorbers. The system is designed to prevent unwanted rotation of the carabiner where it could be put in a compromised position.
The wide, rounded shape of the body is ideal for bridging the connection between “A/2” double sternal attachment points on some full body harnesses.
Keylock closure prevents snagging during use.
Screw gate locking system.

Ref. Product name Weight Major axis Minor axis Open lever Open lever width Carabiner length Carabiner width Material CE Logo EAC Logo
g oz kN kN kN mm mm mm EN 12275 EN 362
1176 HMS BELAY LOCK 75 2.6 23 10 7 24 113 77 Aluminum alloy H B / T

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