• GRAVITY RESCUE RATCHET – Rescue lifting lanyard

      Compact, robust and easy-to-use rescue lifting device. It is used to lift the victim up, disconnect his/her fall-arrest system and rappel him/her to the ground. Made with 33 mm polyester webbing and equipped with carbon steel ratchet. Lifting limits: 120 kg, 73 cm. EN 354 certification with 22 kN full strength.

    • GRIZZLY – Bipod

      KONG GRIZZLY, used as a component of a retrieval system,  allows lifting and lowering of loads by positioning on the edge of a wall and avoiding the rubbing of the ropes against obstacles. Thanks to the rotary movement of the structure, GRIZZLY makes easier the recovery of the load. Fitted with reversible feet to ensure the perfect grip on the ground, either on slippery (clawed side) and on smooth surfaces (rubber side). Easy to disassemble and transportable in the special shoulder bag. High quality, completely made in Italy!

    • OYSSA – Portable hoist

      Lightweight and compact portable emergency hoist for rescues at height. A pre-rigged 6-to-1 allows an injured person to be unweighted from their fall position and lifted for connection to the rescuer for descent to the ground. Reduction ratio: 6; Maximum recovery height: 1 m; Working load limit: 120 kg; Breaking load: 7 kN. WARNING: This is not PPE and must not be relied on as the victim’s only point of attachment. It must always be used in combination with complete fall arrest systems.

    • RESCUE KIT DRUID – Rescue Kit

      A simple and efficient rescue kit. The rescuer attaches the victim to the rope and cuts the victim’s lanyard before rappelling to the ground using the Druid descender. It is also possible to lift the person up just enough to detach the lanyard and rappel to the ground by means of a single tackle system that can be created by passing the rope through the small carabiner installed for this purpose. Also suitable for rescue on roofs. All components are CE certified PPE.

    • RESCUE KIT DRUID EVO – Rescue Kit

      Rescue kit with an integrated block-and-tackle hoist to lift the injured person after a fall, release the tensioned lanyard and descend the victim to the ground. Hoist reduction ratio: 4. Maximum block-and-tackle lifting height: 1 m. All components are CE certified PPE.

    • ชุดกู้ภัย DRUID RATCHET

      A fast and easy to use rescue kit that uses the Gravity Rescue Ratchet for lifting an injured person after a fall and then lowering them to the ground using the Druid descender. ACTIVITIES

    • เปลกู้ภัย ROLLY

      Rollable medical device designed for confined space rescue; particularly suitable for the evacuation of injured persons from places with tight or complicated passages. An extremely flexible device, very useful in evacuating injured persons under complex environmental conditions. Without rigid frames, it is easily stowed and transportable in its bag fitted with shoulder straps and side zip.  

    • เปลตะกร้ากู้ภัย 911 NET FULL

      New net stretcher, very light weight, fast disassembling in two pieces for an easy transportation, fitted with removable handles for carriage by shoulder. Light alloy frame. Equipped with suspension kit.

    • เปลสามเหลื่ยมกู้ภัย ANGEL

      A light and compact evacuation triangle. Adjustability on four loops guarantees that the triangle can be used for the rescue of people of any size with specific loops for children. The central loops are shaped as handles for better grip by the rescuer. Also features a back handle for guiding and removable shoulder straps.  

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